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Series MA
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Models of MA series : MA-2100AGMA-1900AGMA-1700AGMA-1200AG

Modular design, original advanced circuitry and handiwork technology ensure high reliability, perfect technical characteristics and excellent quality of sounding. The modern sound-reinforcing systems traditionally use three-channel circuit topology: a broad-band stereo system and a low-frequency mono-channel. Consequently, these equipment needs in a specialized crossover with capabilities in frequency dividing, summarizing of low-frequency bands and frequency compensation of a subwoofer channel as well.

Company Neva Audio successfully tackles this problem introducing the models MA-2100AG, MA-1900AG, MA-1700AG, MA-1200AG.

MA-series consists of professional high quality mono amplifiers which have built-in crossover and subwoofer processor and are intended to operate with subwoofers. Either of circuit topology or design solutions has no compromises! The housing is manufactured from a 2-mm steel and has an economic height of 2U! Cooling is provided by means of powerful fan, whose speed is adjusted by servo unit in proportion to the temperature of an output stage. The air stream is directed in a such way that does not pollute the electronics.

The circuitry of the amplifiers of this series combines the advantages of classes A and G, hence ensuring high linearity and efficiency, small heat dissipation and boosted reliability as a consequence. The signal path consists of the voltage amplifier and current amplifier whereas the total negative feedback is absent. The voltage amplifier is designed according to the tracking cascode circuit which works in a pure class A, so, the sensible distortion are reduced to the zero. The current amplifier has a complementary circuit consisted of bipolar transistors Sanken which works in a dynamic class A. A high efficiency is achieved owing to three-level power supply (class G). The amplifiers MA-1200AG, MA-1700AG, MA-1900AG and MA-2100AG are provided with the three-level power supply. The protection from RF and from infra-low frequencies, from a short circuit and a constant voltage on an output, from overheat of output stages and transformers, from an overload on an input up to +15 dB are also available. A delay and smooth rise of a signal at turn-on are also provided. A circuit of smooth connection to the mains operates in the amplifiers MA-1200AG, MA-1700AG, MA-1900AG and MA-2100AG.

The amplifiers of series MA Neva Audio can be used for tours, installations in studios, theatres, cinema-halls, disco-dance clubs and making the sound of the living concerts.

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